Better Way To Drive

Welcome to Driving School Mauritius [Since 1998]

For over two decades, Driving School Mauritius has been dedicated to teaching individuals how to drive safely & efficiently using defensive driving techniques.

At our school, we understand that driving is not just a means of transportation, but also a responsibility. That's why we focus on providing comprehensive training that goes beyond the basics of operating a vehicle. [Better Way to Drive]

Our experienced instructors take a patient and supportive approach to teaching, ensuring that our students gain the confidence & skills they need to navigate the roads safely. 

Our driving school is located in the beautiful city of Beau-Bassin and we are thrilled to offer high-quality driving lessons to individuals of all ages and experience levels. Whether you're a brand new driver or looking to improve your driving skills, our experienced instructors are here to help you become a confident and safe driver on the roads.

Our prices for the Year 2023 are as follows:

We understand that driving lessons can be costly, which is why we strive to keep our prices affordable and accessible to all. Plus, with our excellent track record of student success, you can be confident that your investment in our services will be worth it.

We strive ourselves on our responsiveness and customer service, and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have. To learn more about our pricing and scheduling, please feel free to contact directly the certified Driving Instructor Mr. Asraf Sohawon on (+230) 57-51-32-42 (avaliable on whatsapp too..)

By enrolling in our driving school, you'll not only learn how to drive, but also gain a lifelong skill that will benefit you & others on the road.

Thank you for considering for your driving education needs. We look forward to helping you become a safe and skilled driver on the roads of Mauritius!